In-Home Feeding Assessment and Treatment

  • Free phone consultation: Let’s talk about your concerns. Together, we can determine your next steps.

All of the services below are temporarily provided virtually via an easy-to-use platform:

  • Comprehensive assessment of oral-motor function, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, and other mealtime challenges: We will start by discussing your concerns, your child’s history, and your family’s mealtime dynamics. Following careful assessment of all aspects of your child’s oral-motor and feeding skills, I will help you to better understand your child’s strengths and areas of need.
  • Ongoing Treatment: We will create a comprehensive treatment plan in collaboration with your child’s medical team based on your child’s needs and your family’s goals. We will work to improve your child’s skillsreduce stress, and bring joy back to mealtimes as your child works towards short-term and long-term goals.

       I am an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. I am happy to provide all information needed to submit to other insurance plans for reimbursement. Contact me for specific payment options and fee details.

Parent/Family Feeding Support

Do you need support during your child’s transition to solids? Help problem-solving your child’s limited diet or choosing the right foods to offer? Just want a second opinion? I would love to answer your questions and help you make mealtimes easier.

This service is not considered feeding therapy and is not billable to insurance.

In-Home Evaluation of Speech and Language Skills

  • Free Phone Consultation: Let’s talk about your child’s communication development! I can help you determine if a full evaluation is an appropriate next step.
  • In-home Comprehensive Evaluation: We will discuss your concerns, your child’s developmental and medical history, and current skill levels. After careful assessment of all aspects of your child’s communication skills, we will talk about his/her developmental patterns, strengths, areas of need, and make an appropriate plan. The length of this session is typically 1.5 hours.

All of the above services, with the exception of Parent/Family Feeding Support, are available privately or through the Early Intervention program (for children between 0-3 years who qualify).

Questions?  Contact Stephanie!